Concert Weather Insurance

Spectrum is your expert for obtaining insurance coverage for those uncontrollable perils that could impact, and even force a cancellation of your concert. 

concert weather insurance

Concert Weather Insurance transfers the risk of bad weather to help protect your revenue from concert cancellation. Understanding your options regarding weather risk solutions can mean the difference between success and failure.

Rain insurance is the first line of defense to address weather that, while may not force you to cancel your concert, will certainly have a negative impact on revenues that are derived from day-of activities.  Those primary revenue streams include walk-up ticket sales and monies generated by alcohol and concession sales.  Concession revenues can be overlooked at times, however if your attendance is down 25% over projections because of the rain, then concessions may be down 50%.  Wet people spend less money.  Other revenue at risk may also include parking, merchandise sales, and camping fees.  The benefit of rain insurance is that you do not need to cancel your concert in order to file a claim. And, there are several types of concert rain insurance available. 

 For other situations, especially if the concert is sold out, Concert Cancellation Insurance may be a better coverage option.  Certain circumstances can be cause for cancellation or postponement of your planned concert, financial loss as well as inconvenience and disappointment for those that planned to attend, and no demand refunds. This loss can be from many different unavoidable, out of control circumstances such as:

  •       Lightning
  •       Heavy Rains
  •       High Wind Speeds
  •       Hurricanes
  •       Tornados
  •       Severe Thunderstorms
  •       Power Outages
  •       Fire
  •       Terrorism
  •       Act of Violence
  •       The Non-appearance of an Artist

Concert Cancellation Insurance for your concert or other music event protects your revenue or expenses against cancellation, abandonment, curtailment or postponement, due to circumstances beyond your control.  This “All Cause Coverage” will respond to everything that is not excluded. This policy provides cover for your net loss up to the policy limit following the necessary and unavoidable cancellation, abandonment, disruption or rescheduling of the event for reasons beyond your control and the control of the participants.

Yes, you can purchase both Concert Weather Insurance and Concert Cancellation Insurance.  With both in place, you are mitigating your loss of day-of revenues due to rainy or other unfavorable weather, while simultaneously mitigating the loss of a forced cancellation, abandonment, curtailment or postponement.  Not sure where to begin?  Call us to discuss your specific needs!

 Spectrum can provide protection for almost every event held in the United States. Concert Weather Insurance protects your revenue or expenses against cancellation, abandonment, curtailment or postponement, due to circumstances beyond your control.

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