Temperature, Wind, And Hail Insurance

Night thunderstorm.Spectrum’s adverse weather and storm insurance expertise is at your disposal.  Whether you are organizing a sporting event, concert, festival, wedding, commercial production, or any other event, your financial success depends on an extended period of good weather.

With the success of your venture riding on something so unpredictable, you don’t want to rely on luck alone.

That’s where Spectrum’s Weather Insurance program comes in to protect your revenues or expenses from adverse weather that could alter the expected results of your event or other concern.

If you require a weather insurance policy for your event that requires coverage beyond a traditional rain insurance or snow insurance policy, we have the know-how and expertise to create that unique solution for you.

We offer storm insurance and a wide range of insurance policies beyond just rain and snow. We cover other significant weather perils including temperature, wind, and adverse weather—or combination of these perils.

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