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Weather Insurance for Golf Tournaments – Traditional Rain Insurance Doesn’t Make the Cut

Like many events that take place outdoors, inclement weather can ruin and even cancel a golf tournament. However, golf tournaments have their own set of weather issues regarding the type and timing of weather events. To address these issues, there are a variety of customizable insurance policies available to those planning golf tournaments: Event Cancellation Insurance Adverse weather may merely make tournament play less enjoyable, or it can interrupt play for a matter of hours, a full day, or could [...]

By |June 18, 2021|Blog|

Spectrum Weather Insurance Turns 10!

We can’t believe it’s been a whole decade since we thought, “There has to be a better way to obtain rain insurance,” and then decided we could be the better way. We started out by listening to people in the events industry to understand their pain points with existing weather insurance. We heard their frustrations with the expensive, one-size-fits-all coverage available and worked with multiple carriers to provide more options at a competitive price. Over the past 10 years, [...]

By |April 27, 2021|Blog|

The Dangers of Using Gridded Rainfall Data for a Rain Insurance Policy

When purchasing a rain insurance policy, the ultimate goal is to have that policy pay a claim when rainfall meets or exceeds your insured amount. Most carriers allow for three options to determine the rainfall: an on-site observer, the nearest National Weather Service location (typically an airport), or a third party that will determine rainfall using multiple data sources, most notably, Doppler radar data.  However, there is a recent addition: gridded rainfall data produced by the federal government. Insurance that [...]

By |March 3, 2021|Blog|

An Uneventful Summer

The summer of 2020 has all but come and gone, and it has looked nothing like what anyone imagined. From graduations and weddings to fairs and concerts, widespread event cancellations across the globe have made for a very uneventful summer. For the general public, this has meant a boring summer, canceled traditions and disappointed fans. But for those in the events industry, it has been a devastating blow with months of hard work out the window, revenues lost and an [...]

By |August 30, 2020|Blog|

Apply Now for These Convention Scholarships!

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance is proud to be sponsoring two convention scholarships this year: Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals and Events (HAFFE) Convention Scholarship This scholarship is designed to enable an individual from Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals & Events (HAFFE) to attend the 2020 Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals & Events Annual Convention November 19-21, 2020, in Minot, North Dakota. Must be a HAFFE member (apply for HAFFE membership here) Visit the HAFFE website for details and criteria [...]

By |July 19, 2020|Blog|

How the Fair Industry Is Faring Through COVID-19

There’s no doubt the fair industry is suffering during the coronavirus pandemic, as social distancing requirements are causing event organizers around the world to cancel events through the summer and even into the fall. But the fair industry is resilient and many fair organizers have responded to forced cancellations with creative solutions to provide fans—and vendors—with alternative fair experiences. Below, we’ve compiled just a few of the outside-the-box ideas some fairs have come up with. The Ingham County Fairgrounds in [...]

By |June 1, 2020|Blog|

6 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Event

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, few industries are feeling the effects of social distancing as strongly as the events industry. These tough times are forcing organizers to get creative in how their events are hosted and some are turning to virtual events. The following six tips will help you make the most of your event, even when it can’t be held in person. 1. Consider what your event can bring to the web First, evaluate if and how [...]

By |April 28, 2020|Blog|

Does Event Cancellation Insurance Cover Pandemics?

It has been a busy, chaotic few weeks for us, the event industry and the world, as we all navigate the new reality of life and business during a pandemic. With thousands of event cancellations—some initially as a precaution, followed by others as required by local ordinances—we’ve had a lot of clients reaching out to see if cancellations related to coronavirus are covered under their event cancellation policies. Fortunately for some, the answer is yes…if their policy was purchased prior [...]

By |March 23, 2020|Blog|

What Do Snow Removal Companies Do When There’s No Snow to Remove?

This winter, the Northern Hemisphere has been experiencing a warmer weather pattern and, combined with global warming, that’s resulted in less snow. Despite the winter storm that blew through the Midwest and Northeast this week, snowfall totals are still well below average. In fact, some areas—like New York City—are on pace to finish the winter with their lowest snowfall totals on record. While that may be good news for those who dread winter weather, it’s bad news for a lot [...]

By |February 27, 2020|Blog|

3 Ways to Take Your 2020 Event Up a Notch

No matter how much you try to plan ahead and delegate, organizing an event is a huge undertaking. But with a lot of preparation and a little luck, your 2020 events will be the best yet! Follow the three tips below to help make your event a huge success. Socialize Social media is a cost-effective way to promote your event to the masses. It’s also a great way to reach your target audience where they already are and interact with [...]

By |January 22, 2020|Blog|

Does Customer Service Still Matter?

How to Please Customers in the Digital Age In the Digital Age, when many people prefer to do business online, does customer service really matter anymore? We’re here to tell you that not only is customer service still important, but it may be the most important aspect of your business. We understand that some people want a seamless, human-free experience, which is why we offer instant online quotes and even allow customers to purchase their rain insurance coverage online. BUT [...]

By |December 9, 2019|Blog|

Why You Should Consider Snowfall Insurance for Your Indoor Events

You may think that an indoor event is exempt from any negative effects of the weather…and you would be wrong. Remember when snow and ice in Dallas canceled hundreds of flights, turned roads into ice rinks and prevented some ticket holders from making it to Super Bowl XLV in 2011? Due to the inherent danger of winter storms, indoor events are not immune to their effects. Just like rain, a significant snowfall can hamper an indoor event by hindering people’s [...]

By |October 25, 2019|Blog|

Keep Your Cool With Heat Index Insurance

Climate change is contributing to more extreme weather events, including extreme heat. While it may look like a pleasant day, extreme heat is extremely dangerous. According to the National Center for Environmental Health, extreme heat causes more than 600 deaths per year, more than hurricanes, flooding, lightning and tornadoes combined. To help protect organizers from reduced attendance due to stifling heat and humidity—or in worst-case scenarios, to allow them to cancel outdoor events rather than putting attendees and vendors at [...]

By |July 10, 2019|Blog|

Event Cancellation Insurance: Why Buying Early Is Important

One of the most important features of an event cancellation policy is that it begins as soon as the policy is bound. While you may purchase coverage as late as 10 days before your event, we recommend getting coverage at least 90 days prior to an outdoor event. If you’re really on top of it, you can purchase coverage up to one year in advance. Telling a client their event cancellation isn’t covered because they sought coverage too late is [...]

By |July 9, 2019|Blog|

How to Stabilize Income When Your Business Is Weather-dependent

Is your business impacted by the weather? Can you estimate your revenue for the day based on the weather forecast? Then income stabilization insurance is for you. Summer is just around the corner and, for some businesses, that means the busy season. Whether you run a beachfront shop, a water park or a restaurant most known for its patio seating on warm summer nights, a bad day of weather could mean a bad day for business. That’s why many of [...]

By |June 4, 2019|Blog|

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