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Apply Now for These Convention Scholarships!

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance is proud to be sponsoring two convention scholarships this year:

Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals and Events (HAFFE) Convention Scholarship
This scholarship is designed to enable an individual from Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals & Events (HAFFE) to attend the 2020 Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals & Events Annual Convention November 19-21, 2020, in Minot, North […]

How the Fair Industry Is Faring Through COVID-19

There’s no doubt the fair industry is suffering during the coronavirus pandemic, as social distancing requirements are causing event organizers around the world to cancel events through the summer and even into the fall. But the fair industry is resilient and many fair organizers have responded to forced cancellations with creative solutions to provide fans—and vendors—with alternative fair experiences. Below, […]

6 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Event

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, few industries are feeling the effects of social distancing as strongly as the events industry. These tough times are forcing organizers to get creative in how their events are hosted and some are turning to virtual events. The following six tips will help you make the most of your event, even when it […]

Does Event Cancellation Insurance Cover Pandemics?

It has been a busy, chaotic few weeks for us, the event industry and the world, as we all navigate the new reality of life and business during a pandemic. With thousands of event cancellations—some initially as a precaution, followed by others as required by local ordinances—we’ve had a lot of clients reaching out to see if cancellations related to […]

What Do Snow Removal Companies Do When There’s No Snow to Remove?

This winter, the Northern Hemisphere has been experiencing a warmer weather pattern and, combined with global warming, that’s resulted in less snow. Despite the winter storm that blew through the Midwest and Northeast this week, snowfall totals are still well below average. In fact, some areas—like New York City—are on pace to finish the winter with their lowest snowfall totals […]

3 Ways to Take Your 2020 Event Up a Notch

No matter how much you try to plan ahead and delegate, organizing an event is a huge undertaking. But with a lot of preparation and a little luck, your 2020 events will be the best yet! Follow the three tips below to help make your event a huge success.
Social media is a cost-effective way to promote your event to the […]

Does Customer Service Still Matter?

How to Please Customers in the Digital Age
In the Digital Age, when many people prefer to do business online, does customer service really matter anymore? We’re here to tell you that not only is customer service still important, but it may be the most important aspect of your business.
We understand that some people want a seamless, human-free experience, which is […]

Why You Should Consider Snowfall Insurance for Your Indoor Events

You may think that an indoor event is exempt from any negative effects of the weather…and you would be wrong. Remember when snow and ice in Dallas canceled hundreds of flights, turned roads into ice rinks and prevented some ticket holders from making it to Super Bowl XLV in 2011? Due to the inherent danger of winter storms, indoor events […]

Keep Your Cool With Heat Index Insurance

Climate change is contributing to more extreme weather events, including extreme heat. While it may look like a pleasant day, extreme heat is extremely dangerous. According to the National Center for Environmental Health, extreme heat causes more than 600 deaths per year, more than hurricanes, flooding, lightning and tornadoes combined.

To help protect organizers from reduced attendance due to stifling heat […]

Event Cancellation Insurance: Why Buying Early Is Important

One of the most important features of an event cancellation policy is that it begins as soon as the policy is bound. While you may purchase coverage as late as 10 days before your event, we recommend getting coverage at least 90 days prior to an outdoor event. If you’re really on top of it, you can purchase coverage up […]

How to Stabilize Income When Your Business Is Weather-dependent

Is your business impacted by the weather? Can you estimate your revenue for the day based on the weather forecast? Then income stabilization insurance is for you.

Summer is just around the corner and, for some businesses, that means the busy season. Whether you run a beachfront shop, a water park or a restaurant most known for its patio seating on […]

Three Tips to Make the Most of Your Golf Outing

Planning a golf outing is no small undertaking. But with a lot of preparation and a little luck, your golf outing will be a hole in one! Follow the advice below for help making your golf outing a huge success.

Offer a Big Prize

Offering a big prize, such as that for a hole-in-one competition or a putting contest, is a great […]

The 6 Weather Insurance Policy Variables Snow Contractors Need to Understand

When it comes to weather insurance, no two policies and claims are the same. There are six basic building blocks to weather insurance policies. In this article, we break down these building blocks to help snow contractors understand how these variables affect their coverage and claim options.

1. Location

Since weather varies from location to location, even within the same city, the […]

5 Things to Think About Before Joining a Fair or Festival Board

Joining the board of a fair or festival—most of which are governed by boards—can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it is no small undertaking, and if the organization finds itself in hot water, you could be held personally responsible. That’s because nonprofit organizations, like many of those that put on local fairs and festivals, are still susceptible to […]

How Listening to Our Clients Has Led to Innovation

If there’s one thing we have learned is key to the success of our clients, and ultimately our success, is listening. It’s not just about hearing what our clients have to say, but actively listening to them.

Sales reps are often too busy talking to listen. Even if they are tuned in to what a customer or potential customer, they’re often […]

It’s Raining On Your Parade. Now What?

5 Steps to Cancel or Postpone Your Event Without Damaging Your Reputation
When weather doesn’t cooperate for your outdoor event, you need to act fast to communicate the situation to attendees and preserve your reputation. Here’s how:
1. Act Fast
You should begin monitoring the weather a week before your event, so you can prepare for any expected weather. However, keep in mind […]

Top 5 Reasons We Attend Industry Conferences and Conventions

If you’ve been to a conference or convention in the event or snow removal industries, you’ve probably seen Spectrum President, Robert Holmes. Rob strongly believes that there is no true replacement for face-to-face interaction and, therefore, racks up quite a few frequent flyer miles attending as many industry events as possible. While networking and meeting new business prospects are obvious […]

Hurricane Season Starts June 1: Here’s What to Expect

We should start out by saying you should always expect the unexpected. We cannot control the weather, nor predict it with 100 percent certainty, so always be prepared for the worst. That’s why we advise our clients, especially those planning events in coastal areas during hurricane season, to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

The National Oceanic and […]

Are You Using the Correct Broker for Your Rain Insurance?

There are several insurance brokers that offer rain and other weather insurance products, but how do you know which one is the best choice for your needs? There are a few potential pitfalls you should be aware of to help you choose the best insurance broker for your needs.

Beware of brokers who offer rain insurance only on a surplus lines […]

The Versatility of Weather Insurance 

As we shift our attention from wintry weather to warmer days, we look forward to an increase in seasonal activities, such as sporting events, concerts, music festivals, weddings and many other outdoor activities. At Spectrum, we can help your clients be prepared for the unpredictable weather patterns the coming months often bring. Weather insurance is a versatile tool that can […]

6-Step Severe Weather Plan for Outdoor Events

If you’ve been in the entertainment industry long, you know Murphy’s Law tends to ring true. Heck, even if you’re brand new to the industry, your time on this planet has likely proven to you that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Even if you’ve planned every last detail meticulously, there will always be something that doesn’t go […]

4 Surefire Ways to Make This Year Your Best Yet

A new year means a fresh start and 365 days to achieve everything you want this year. Unfortunately, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. It certainly doesn’t help that January is a particularly difficult month for self-improvement. For one, we’re coming off a holiday hiatus and are struggling to get back into the groove of things. Secondly, […]

Working With Spectrum Through Your Local Agent is a Win-Win-Win

We understand that the relationship you hold with your local insurance agent is one that has most likely been cultivated and maintained for years or even decades. We, too, cherish the relationships we’ve developed with our clients over the years. We certainly understand and applaud such relationships, and we are not in the business of wedging ourselves in between those […]

The Three Types of Terrorism Event Cancellation Insurance

If there were a mantra for the events industry, it would be “Hope for the best, but plan for worst.” There are always going to be things that are out of your control and, while it’s not something anyone wants to think about, in today’s world, no event is immune to the threat of terrorism. When many people think of […]

Now Is the Time to Consider Your Snow Insurance Needs for This Winter Season!

The challenge is not unfamiliar to snow removal contractors across the nation: how can a business whose income relies on a completely unpredictable variable manage to generate enough revenue to cover costs and, hopefully, be profitable? With the volatility of natural snowfall, surviving an extreme winter, either one with very little snowfall or incredibly large snowfall totals, can be at […]

Rain Insurance for Haunted Attractions

Imagine a business that has only a month in which to earn all if its annual revenue. That’s the challenge of operating a haunted attraction, corn maze or pumpkin patch. The opportunity to earn revenue is limited to a few short weeks leading up to Halloween. Unfortunately, the weather can greatly impact the number of visitors and, therefore, the earnings […]

Weather Expert Storms Ahead With Specialty Brokerage

Originally published in Insurance Business Magazine.
Find your niche and think big – that’s the advice of ex-research meteorologist Robert Holmes who had since made waves in the specialty weather insurance space.

Holmes is the brainchild behind Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, one of Insurance Business America’s Elite Brokerages of 2017.

Celebrate excellence in insurance. Nominate a worthy colleague for the Insurance Business […]

Is Your Broker Laying All Your Weather Insurance Options on the Table?

Spectrum has been providing weather insurance for quite a while, and no other broker in the United States places more policies than us. Simply put, we are the top specialty broker in the country. However, we also understand that people like to do business locally, and many times procure their rain or weather insurance through their local crop insurance agent or other […]

4-Step Risk Management Plan for Outdoor Events

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but for us here in the Midwest, summer is a big deal. After months of unreliable, unstable, cold and snowy weather, we are more than ready for sunshine and summertime! But before we know it, Old Man Winter will be back and we’ll be stuck indoors once again. That is why […]

Holders of Canceled Tickets Take Social Media by Storm

After some of the recent spring storms, we’ve seen a lot of backlash on social media about shows being canceled due to inclement weather. As a company in the weather business, we know how difficult these decisions can be for event organizers. After spending months planning for an event, canceling it is never an easy call, but you need to […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning an Event

Pulling off any successful event is no easy feat and the stress is tenfold when planning an outdoor event in which there are factors beyond your control that could have a huge impact on its success. Asking yourself these four questions in the early planning stages can give you peace of mind and help you save money in the long […]

Creative Weather-Based Promotions for Retailers

Nothing turns more heads than the word “free.” Consumers love getting something they want or need for free, which is why weather-based retail promotions are so popular. A weather-based promotion is when you offer a full or partial refund on a purchase based on the occurrence of a specific weather event. For example, if it rains one inch on July […]

The Courier Tribune Interviews Spectrum President, Rob Holmes

The Courier Tribune recently featured an interview with Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance president, Rob Holmes.

“Rob Holmes has a business that not many people do. He works with customers — fairs, festivals and other event organizers — to examine the financial impact of adverse weather on their enterprise. As the name implies, Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance deals with snow […]

Now Is the Time to Look into Weather Insurance for Summer Events

Even as snowfall continues to blanket much of the country, it is never too early to request a weather insurance quote for your summer event. Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance provides coverage for a variety of outdoor events, such as fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, motorsports events and many others. Take some time today to ignore the cold wind and […]

Spectrum Weather & Specialty Insurance Ranked Top Specialist Broker in Insurance Business Magazine

Spectrum was featured in the recent issue of Insurance Business Magazine as the top specialist broker for weather insurance.

“Given the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather conditions, companies can no longer afford to let their businesses remain exposed. Backed by company president Robert Holmes’ extensive experience in meteorology, Spectrum takes pride in being the ‘best source for rain insurance, snow […]

When Your Event Can’t Go On: The ins and outs of event cancellation insurance

Illness, transit strikes, faulty equipment, safety evacuations, kitchen fires, storms, blocked drains, soggy ground, gas and water leaks, volcanic eruptions grounding airlines – sometimes your event just can’t go on and you need to recover your expenses. This is the point when you’ll be glad you got event cancellation insurance…or kicking yourself if you didn’t.

At bare minimum, you’ll want to […]

Why We Attend Conferences and Conventions

If you’ve seen our travel itinerary lately, you know we’re always on the move. Spectrum President, Robert Holmes, tries to attend as many industry conferences and conventions as possible to meet our clients in person. There’s just no technology that can replace a face-to-face meeting and a solid handshake.
While we appreciate modern conveniences, like being able to get quotes online, […]

One Hot Planet: 2016 Hottest Year On Record

You may have heard 2016 was Earth’s hottest year on record. You may also remember that 2015 was the hottest year on record before that, as was 2014 before that. 

Both NASA and NOAA declare that our planet is experiencing record-breaking warming for the third year in a row. This should be alarming to everyone as even incremental upticks in temperature […]

Coming This Summer: A Total Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017, the moon will pass in front of the sun, casting its shadow across all of North America. Although solar eclipses occur every six months, this will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous United States in 38 years. However, only certain areas of the country will see the total eclipse. The cities […]

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Broker?

When you begin your search for insurance, regardless if its weather insurance, home insurance, auto insurance or trip insurance, you’ll realize you have a lot of options. There are all of the big name companies, whose commercials you see daily, and then there are the independent insurance brokers like Spectrum.

An insurance agent who is affiliated with an agency, like one […]

It’s Not Too Late to Invest in Snowfall Insurance

This is the first week we’re finally starting to see normal temperatures in much of the northern United States. The warmer-than-usual weather may have had many people wondering if we would be skipping winter this year or if it was merely the calm before the storm. Now that temperatures are dropping, you should definitely be thinking about snowfall insurance for […]

Don’t Let a Big Storm Plow Away Your Revenue

It’s a feeling all too familiar to snow contractors, particularly in the northeastern U.S.: What if this next blizzard causes us to go revenue-negative? You know your crew will eventually get the job done, but after all those overtime hours, will your costs surpass your profit?

Since seasonal snow and ice removal contracts are typically agreed upon well in advance, you’re […]

Premier Provider of Weather Promotion Insurance, Spectrum Weather And Specialty Insurance, Joins Jewelers of America

LIBERTY, MO – Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of weather insurance, prize insurance, and other promotion-related insurance, has become a Supplier Member of the Jewelers of America.  Serving the weather insurance and prize indemnity needs for retail jewelers across the U.S., Spectrum will develop a greater role in providing for the weather promotion insurance needs […]

Snow Insurance A Valuable Tool For Michigan Snow Removal Contractors

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance has accepted an invitation to speak at the Michigan Green Industry Association’s Snow Conference & Expo, to be held in Novi, MI, October 8 and 9, 2014.  After such an extreme winter, snow insurance will be on the minds of many in the snow removal industry.

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., the leading domestic broker […]

Weather Insurance Firm, Spectrum, Joins Texas Association of Fairs and Events

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of rain insurance, weather insurance, event liability insurance, event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, has joined the Texas Association of Fairs and Events.

The state of Texas has some of the most variable and extreme weather in the country.  With severe weather prevalent throughout much of the state, the […]

Spectrum Weather Insurance To Sponsor Snow And Ice Management Annual Symposium

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of rain insurance, snow insurance, event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, will be a sponsor of the Snow and Ice Management Association’s (SIMA) 17th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium, to be held in Columbus, Ohio, June 18-21, 2014. The yearly SIMA Symposium is an opportunity for representatives of […]

Illinois Fairs to Learn Rain is an Insurable Peril

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., will be a prominent exhibitor at the annual convention of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs, to be held January 16 – 19 in Springfield, Illinois.
As the costs for entertainment continues to rise, county fair boards and festival committees find themselves exposed to the nuances of summer weather. Spectrum is a leading domestic broker […]

Rain Insurance on the Minds of Midwest Fairs and Festivals in January 2014

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of rain insurance, event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, will be a featured exhibitor at the annual conferences of several fairs associations during a tour of Midwestern states. The initial stop will be Indianapolis, IN, for the Indiana Association of Fairs annual convention, to be held January 3-5, […]

Weather Insurance a Hot Topic in Las Vegas, Des Moines

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of weather insurance, including rain insurance and event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, will be a featured exhibitor at the annual conference of the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, to be held in Las Vegas, NV, December 8 -12, 2013. The conference plays host to organizers of […]

Rain Insurance, Event Cancellation Insurance Is Discussed With Event Industry Leaders

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of rain insurance, snow insurance, event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, will host a roundtable discussion of rain insurance, adverse weather insurance, and event cancellation insurance at the joint annual conference hosted by the South Dakota Association of Fairs and Celebrations and the North Dakota Association of Fairs, […]

Weather Insurance Brokerage Firm, Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Joins Liberty Chamber of Commerce

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of rain insurance, snow insurance, event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, has joined the Liberty Chamber of Commerce.

Spectrum was established in 2011 with the goal of providing weather insurance, including rain insurance, snow insurance, and specialty insurance solutions that are simple to understand and purchase, and with the […]

Official: Rain may cancel fall festival

Rain is threatening to cancel the annual fall festival set on Halloween this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. downtown.

With a predicted 100 percent chance of rain, organizer and Main Street manager, Bo Ellis is prepared to cancel the event if it’s still raining at noon the day of the event.

“We can’t move the location of it, with 60 organizations with possible […]

Heavy rain leads to flooding, Sunday AirSho canceled

Midland motorists drove through a rainy mayhem Sunday that led to numerous cases of flooding throughout the county.

The heavy rain caused the cancellation of a few area events, including the CAF AirSho and the Old Sorehead Trade Days in Stanton, according to officials with each event.

The National Weather Service in Midland reported 1.42 inches of rainfall as of 9:50 p.m. […]