About Spectrum

Spectrum was established with the goal of providing weather and specialty insurance solutions that are simple to understand and purchase, and with the highest degree of customer service in the industry.

The Spectrum Advantage

  • Experience working with clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 Companies to small community festivals.
  • Our unprecedented meteorological background gives us a unique perspective of adverse weather and climate change impacts on a multitude of industries.
  • Fast claims servicing.
  • Fast Quotes.
  • Multiple claims settlement options for most weather insurance.
  • We only work with highly-rated, domestic carriers.
  • Unparalleled customer service.  If you have questions, or are unsure where to start, simply give us a call.
  • Coverage available nationwide.

Who We Are

Spectrum is owned and operated by Robert Holmes.  Robert began his professional career as a research meteorologist, studying the weather and climate of Antarctica.  After nine trips to Antarctica for field research, earning awards from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Navy, honored with the naming of the geographical feature Holmes Ridge, and publishing several research articles, Robert left academia for a Fortune 100 company to take on a new challenge: weather risk management.

After over a decade of providing weather risk solutions to some of this country’s largest corporations to providing weather insurance to small town festivals, fairs, concerts, and other outdoor events, Robert decided that he could provide a better customer experience through his own company, and Spectrum was born.

Located in Kansas City, we hope you will find our Midwestern family values refreshing.

  • We are proud members of:
  • The International Association of Fairs and Expositions – Membership Application
  • The International Entertainment Buyers Association
  • The International Festivals & Events Association
  • The Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals
  • The Florida Federation of Fairs
  • The Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs
  • The Indiana State Festivals Association
  • The Indiana Association of Fairs
  • The Iowa Association of Fairs
  • The Kansas Association of Fairs and Festivals
  • The Louisiana Association of Fairs
  • The Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions
  • The Michigan Festivals and Events Association
  • The Minnesota Federation of County Fairs
  • The Nebraska Association of Fair Managers
  • The North Dakota Association of Fairs
  • The Ohio Fair Managers Association
  • The Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs
  • The South Dakota Association of Fairs & Celebrations
  • The Texas Association of Fairs and Events
  • The Wisconsin Association of Fairs
  • The Snow and Ice Management Association
  • The Accredited Snow Contractors Association
  • The Missouri Association of Insurance Agents
  • The Liberty Chamber of Commerce

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We look forward to hearing from you.