Weather Insurance for Sales Promotions

Weather-PromotionA weather promotion is a marketing program in which the assured offers a full or partial refund or rebate on the purchased product or service, should a future weather event occur.  A weather promotion is a unique way to drive sales during traditionally slow periods, or to increase sales during the Holiday shopping period.

The future weather event used in the promotion may be associated with the use or enjoyment of the product, such as a refund on the purchase of a snow-blower should it not snow at least twelve inches during the upcoming winter. Or, the weather event could be unrelated to the product—such as a car purchase refund should the high temperature exceed 100 degrees on Labor Day.

Once you decide on the type and specified day for the weather event, Spectrum can provide you with a rate for the weather promotion insurance. We offer different types of insurance for promotions that aim to meet the goals of your business. After the sales period has completed—but at least seven days prior to the date of the weather event to be used—you will notify us of the final sales amount that will need to be insured.

By allowing you to offer an attractive, large prize at a fraction of the prize value, the proper promotion insurance lets you to accurately budget for the cost of the prize to be awarded.

Weather Promotion Options:

  • Rainy Day Promotion.  If it rains at least an inch on a specified day, the product purchase price is refunded.  Popular days used are Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.  Wedding Day rain promotions are also popular among jewelry stores.
  • Snow Promotion.  If it snows at least a specified number of inches on the specified date, the purchase price is partially or fully refunded.  The amount of snow can be adjusted based on location (ie. six inches in Detroit, or an inch in Dallas).  Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Valentine’s Day are popular choices for this promotion.
  • Temperature Promotion.  The refund in this case is triggered by the maximum temperature exceeding a predefined level on a specified day, such as 100 degrees on Independence Day.
  • Other Weather Promotions.  If you have an idea for your own weather promotion, we will work with you to create the appropriate promotion insurance policy.  The sky is the limit!

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