Event Cancellation Insurance

Event Cancellation Insurance protects your revenue or expenses against cancellation, abandonment, curtailment or postponement, due to circumstances beyond your control.

Event Cancellation Insurance

“All Cause Coverage”, meaning that the event insurance policy will cover everything that is not excluded.  These circumstances can include, but are not limited to, hurricanes, tornadoes, major winter storms, earthquakes, wildfires, terrorism, labor strikes, non-appearance of key people, and unavailability of the venue due to fires, floods, or power outages.

This policy provides cover for your net loss up to the policy limit following the necessary and unavoidable cancellation, abandonment, disruption or rescheduling of the event for reasons beyond your control and the control of the participants.

To obtain a quote, please complete the event cancellation insurance application and return to us, and we seek quotes on your behalf.

Spectrum can provide protection for almost every event held in the U.S.  A typical buyer of Event Cancellation Insurance includes Concerts, Sporting Events, Fairs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Tradeshows, Conferences, Expos, Consumer Shows, Annual Meetings, Conventions, and more.

Special program for Tradeshows, Conferences, Conventions and similar events.

Spectrum offers a special line of event cancellation insurance that meets the unique needs of those involved in the planning and operation of conferences, trade shows, conventions and similar types of events.  To obtain a quote, please complete the special application for conferences, tradeshows and seminars, and return to us for consideration.

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