Convention Weather Insurance,
Trade Show Insurance, and More

Looking for convention weather insurance? Look no further! Our convention weather insurance provides coverage for any event that is financially impacted by extreme weather, so you can rest assured knowing that your convention will be protected regardless of the elements. Our policies are affordable and flexible and allow you to customize coverage so that your convention is adequately covered. Spectrum offers a line of event insurance products that meet the fundamental needs of those involved in the planning and operation of conferences, trade shows, conventions and similar types of events. Get convention weather insurance today, and you’ll be able to enjoy a stress free and successful convention tomorrow.

Benefits of Our Weather Insurance for Conventions, Trade Shows and More

  • We can cover FULL terrorism, which is unlike TRIA coverage that only covers government certified acts of terrorism on US grounds.
  • We can offer an auditable policy if the limit that is projected ends up being more than 5% less than what was expected.
  • We offer coverage for Insured Financial Commitments such as hotel room blocks for up to 20% in addition to the Policy Limit.
  • We provide coverage for up to $100,000 specifically for marketing and promotion the event should it be Cancelled or Rescheduled.
Convention Weather Insurance

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