Rain is threatening to cancel the annual fall festival set on Halloween this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. downtown.

With a predicted 100 percent chance of rain, organizer and Main Street manager, Bo Ellis is prepared to cancel the event if it’s still raining at noon the day of the event.

“We can’t move the location of it, with 60 organizations with possible volunteers with each one, there’s no way to get something like that changed or moved to a different date,” he said. “We’re doing it on Halloween so it doesn’t make sense to have it moved to the next week.”

Ellis added that even if it were to stop raining an hour or so before the festival, there would be no way that they could get everything cleaned up in time.

“We’d have to get the tractors, trailers and popcorn machines, candy machines and extension cords ready and there’s no way to do all that in an hour,” he said. “Plus with all of that stuff, you can’t do it if everything is wet. The rain would have to stop at least by noon.”

Since the festival began 13 years ago, it has only been rained out once and this could be the second time. Entertainment would include candy giveaways, games, hayrides, bounce houses and more. A number of local organizations and businesses get involved with the festival through vendor booths and volunteering.

Ellis said there wasn’t much to add about the event if it were to get rained out.

“There’s nothing else I can say about it,” he said. “It is what it is.”