Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., a leading domestic broker of rain insurance, snow insurance, event cancellation insurance, and other event-related insurance products, will host a roundtable discussion of rain insurance, adverse weather insurance, and event cancellation insurance at the joint annual conference hosted by the South Dakota Association of Fairs and Celebrations and the North Dakota Association of Fairs, to be held November 21 through 23, 2013 and the Ramkota Hotel in Aberdeen South Dakota. Members of the two host organizations consist of fairs, celebrations, festivals, achievement days & farm shows

As an invited guest, Spectrum’s President, Robert Holmes, will lead a candid discussion regarding the availability of these insurance products, how they compare and contrast, and how any eventual claims are settled. “Many fairs and festivals, both large and small, have a significant financial exposure to weather, especially rain, which poses a great risk to financial stability,” states Mr. Holmes. “In addition to weather, other factors may cause the cancellation or abandonment of an event, such as a power outage or the nonappearance of an entertainer. It is Spectrum’s goal that those responsible for organizing these events are educated with regards to the specialty insurance products available to help mitigate these risks.”

In addition to the Dakota Fairs Conference, Spectrum’s was also accepted an invitation to appear at the International Entertainment Buyers Association’s (IEBA) Annual Convention, held last October 19 through 23, at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, TN. As the International Entertainment Buyers Association looks to expand the conversation on risk management and public safety, Robert Holmes, a meteorologist as well as Spectrum’s President, was a member of the Safety and Emergency Preparedness Panel at the convention on Monday afternoon, October 20.

The well-attended event focused on planning for severe weather and other emergencies that may occur before or during an event, such as a state fair, music festival, or evening outdoor concert, enacting an event emergency plan, and recovering from an emergency. “Part of the recovery process includes financial recovery,” stated Mr. Holmes. “There are insurance products available that can aid greatly in that regard.” Mr. Holmes also spoke on severe weather preparedness and communication.

Spectrum was established in 2011with the goal of providing rain insurance, snow insurance, and specialty insurance solutions that are simple to understand and purchase, and with the highest degree of customer service in the industry. Spectrum serves events both large and small, including fairs, festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events impacted by weather. In addition to rain insurance, Spectrum provides liability insurance for events, and well as insurance for weather-based promotions. Spectrum also provides snow insurance to help protect against extremes in winter snowfall for snow removal contractors, as well insurance for weather-related promotions.

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