If you’ve seen our travel itinerary lately, you know we’re always on the move. Spectrum President, Robert Holmes, tries to attend as many industry conferences and conventions as possible to meet our clients in person. There’s just no technology that can replace a face-to-face meeting and a solid handshake.

While we appreciate modern conveniences, like being able to get quotes online, a computer cannot understand our clients’ unique needs and circumstances. Plus, a robot is the last thing you’ll want to deal with should you need to make a claim. No two clients’ policies are exactly the same because no two events or companies are exactly the same. We want our clients to have the best protection at the best price, so it helps to know them and understand their needs. That’s also why we remain an independent insurance broker.

We would be remiss if we didn’t admit that it makes our job more enjoyable as well. When we know our clients by name rather than just by policy number, it’s like working with our friends every day. We have solid, long-standing relationships with many of our clients. We know so much about their families, their hobbies and their goals for their companies that we become as invested in their success as are they. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a client’s event break an attendance record, or a snow contractor have their most successful winter yet.

We also think our clients feel more comfortable working with us when they’ve met us in person. It’s hard to trust a company that hides behind a computer – and trust is important when it comes to insurance. We want to show clients that we’re real people who are really committed to helping them succeed. Our clients feel comfortable reaching out to us with questions about their policies because they know to whom they’ll be talking.

Whether you’re a new client wanting to learn more about what Spectrum can do for you, or an old friend wanting to catch up, follow us on Facebook to see at what upcoming events you can find us!

Upcoming Event Schedule

Baseball Winter Meeting and Trade Show
December 8 -11, San Diego, California

Iowa Association of Fairs Annual Convention*

December 13 – 15 | Des Moines, Iowa   

Ohio Fair Manager’s Association Convention

January 3 – 5 | Columbus, Ohio

Indiana Association of Fairs Convention*

January 3 – 5 | Indianapolis, Indiana
Wisconsin Association of Fairs Convention*
January 5 – 8 | Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Texas Association of Fairs and Expositions Convention

January 9 – 12 | Galveston, Texas

Michigan Association of Fairs and Expositions Convention

January 9 – 11 | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Minnesota Federation of County Fairs Convention

January 16 – 19 | Bloomington, Minnesota

Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention

January 17 – 19 | Springfield, Illinois

Nebraska Association of Fair Managers Convention

January 24 – 26 | Kearney, Nebraska

Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals Convention

January 30 – February 2 | Columbia, Missouri

Racing Promotion Monthly East Convention

February 9 – 11 | Daytona Beach, Florida

*Spectrum will be presenting “Beyond Basic Rain Insurance: What You Need To Know”