Jewelry store sales promotion weather insurance can allow your business sales opportunities you never thought possible. At Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, we understand the importance of well-planned, well-timed, and well-executed promotions. Certainly, a special promotion can infuse your business with fresh engagement, buzz, and of course, sales. That said, you must develop a strategy to help you make the most out of such opportunities. First, you need a reputable weather  insurance company. Next, decide what works in your promotional theme. Finally, reach out to us for professional assistance and coverage. 

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Promotions offered by a jewelry store based on the weather

Weather insurance enables businesses to offer partial or complete coverage to customers who want to make purchases should a particular weather event occur in a specific way. In addition, stores are covered against huge losses if the weather turns bad. Generally speaking, weather-driven promotions can boost sales and customer loyalty.

Promotional weather insurance can be used to stimulate sales for retailers. If the specified weather event happens on a predetermined day, one gets a partial or full refund. The policy can insure against:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Minimum or maximum temperature

Snow promotion

If the snow level reaches the specified number of inches, the insurer refunds the purchase price of the product. The premium is adjusted based on the location or time of the year. For instance, a store that runs a sales promotion can state that anyone who purchases jewelry on a specified period gets a full refund if it snows an `X’ amount on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. The insurer can offer weather insurance based on:

  • The average number of snow events
  • Average inches of snow
  • Average expenses over the last year

Rainy Day promotion

Suppose it rains on a specified day (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc), the purchase price is partially or fully refunded. For example, a couple can get a partial refund of the cost of the engagement ring if it rains on the day of their wedding. After all, this is a significant milestone. 

Temperature promotion

One gets a partial or full refund if the temperature varies from the level of expectation during a specified day.

Is weather insurance worth it?

There are many reasons why you should consider weather insurance. Besides protecting your promotions, you safeguard your businesses from unnecessary liability. If the promotion boosts sales by a significant margin than the weather hedge premium, your business will generate more income, and at the same time eliminate risks.

All it takes is a phone call

No matter what the weather holds, a competent weather risk management insurance company will help you manage your concerns and all aspects of your weather promotions. With an unprecedented meteorological background, Spectrum is ready to assist your business.

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