We can’t believe it’s been a whole decade since we thought, “There has to be a better way to obtain rain insurance,” and then decided we could be the better way.

We started out by listening to people in the events industry to understand their pain points with existing weather insurance. We heard their frustrations with the expensive, one-size-fits-all coverage available and worked with multiple carriers to provide more options at a competitive price.

Over the past 10 years, listening to our clients has proven to be key to our success. By listening to our clients’ challenges, we’ve been able to expand our offering to include more customized solutions. For example, by listening to our clients in the events industry, we learned that even on days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky, the weather could still adversely affect attendance and revenue, which is how we came to offer heat index insurance. Similarly, we learned that dirt track events are not only affected by rain during the event, but also rain before the event that renders the track unusable, which is why we now offer dual-period coverage. And when our clients wanted a cost-effective way to make up for lost revenue even from just a small amount of rainfall, we added stepped rain insurance coverage, where the more it rains, the greater the claim.

Customer service has always been our top priority. We have our clients’ best interests in mind and aim to advise, not sell. By putting people first, not only have we grown to be the country’s top provider of weather insurance, but we’ve made so many great friends along the way and truly enjoy working with our clients, attending their events and seeing them at industry trade shows.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last 10 years. We’re looking forward to the next 10!

Some Memories From Over the Years