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Now Is the Time to Consider Your Snow Insurance Needs for This Winter Season!

The challenge is not unfamiliar to snow removal contractors across the nation: how can a business whose income relies on a completely unpredictable variable manage to generate enough revenue to cover costs and, hopefully, be profitable? With the volatility of natural snowfall, surviving an extreme winter, either one with very little snowfall or incredibly large snowfall totals, can be at […]

Rain Insurance for Haunted Attractions

Imagine a business that has only a month in which to earn all if its annual revenue. That’s the challenge of operating a haunted attraction, corn maze or pumpkin patch. The opportunity to earn revenue is limited to a few short weeks leading up to Halloween. Unfortunately, the weather can greatly impact the number of visitors and, therefore, the earnings […]

Is Your Broker Laying All Your Weather Insurance Options on the Table?

Spectrum has been providing weather insurance for quite a while, and no other broker in the United States places more policies than us. Simply put, we are the top specialty broker in the country. However, we also understand that people like to do business locally, and many times procure their rain or weather insurance through their local crop insurance agent or other […]

4-Step Risk Management Plan for Outdoor Events

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but for us here in the Midwest, summer is a big deal. After months of unreliable, unstable, cold and snowy weather, we are more than ready for sunshine and summertime! But before we know it, Old Man Winter will be back and we’ll be stuck indoors once again. That is why […]

Holders of Canceled Tickets Take Social Media by Storm

After some of the recent spring storms, we’ve seen a lot of backlash on social media about shows being canceled due to inclement weather. As a company in the weather business, we know how difficult these decisions can be for event organizers. After spending months planning for an event, canceling it is never an easy call, but you need to […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning an Event

Pulling off any successful event is no easy feat and the stress is tenfold when planning an outdoor event in which there are factors beyond your control that could have a huge impact on its success. Asking yourself these four questions in the early planning stages can give you peace of mind and help you save money in the long […]

Creative Weather-Based Promotions for Retailers

Nothing turns more heads than the word “free.” Consumers love getting something they want or need for free, which is why weather-based retail promotions are so popular. A weather-based promotion is when you offer a full or partial refund on a purchase based on the occurrence of a specific weather event. For example, if it rains one inch on July […]

Now Is the Time to Look into Weather Insurance for Summer Events

Even as snowfall continues to blanket much of the country, it is never too early to request a weather insurance quote for your summer event. Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance provides coverage for a variety of outdoor events, such as fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, motorsports events and many others. Take some time today to ignore the cold wind and […]

When Your Event Can’t Go On: The ins and outs of event cancellation insurance

Illness, transit strikes, faulty equipment, safety evacuations, kitchen fires, storms, blocked drains, soggy ground, gas and water leaks, volcanic eruptions grounding airlines – sometimes your event just can’t go on and you need to recover your expenses. This is the point when you’ll be glad you got event cancellation insurance…or kicking yourself if you didn’t.

At bare minimum, you’ll want to […]

Why We Attend Conferences and Conventions

If you’ve seen our travel itinerary lately, you know we’re always on the move. Spectrum President, Robert Holmes, tries to attend as many industry conferences and conventions as possible to meet our clients in person. There’s just no technology that can replace a face-to-face meeting and a solid handshake.
While we appreciate modern conveniences, like being able to get quotes online, […]